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About Our Practitioners

Kensington Psychology & Well-Being is a warm, professional private practice dedicated to offering you the best possible Psychologist for your unique needs.

Our Practitioners focus on you as a whole person your background, current challenges and also, what brings you to wellness. 


We ensure that we offer you Adelaide's best psychologists for your specific needs. Whether you need help with anxiety, depression, panic, a difficult life event, a workplace or interpersonal issue, or to cope with a traumatic experience, our team can offer expert and effective help.

Our team Kensington Psychology

Adelaide Psychologists & Therapists | For your unique needs!

We are all different and find that different styles of therapy resonate with different people. Besides the obvious need for skills and experience, even the personality of the therapist and how they relate to their clients have an impact in how we experience our therapeutic journey. One thing we know for certain a therapist must be kind, compassionate, a good listener, effective in their help and genuinely care about our wellbeing. After all, we see a Psychologist in our moment of need when we feel most vulnerable and uncertain, and sometimes it takes a lot of courage to make the call.

At Kensington Psychology & Well-Being, all our therapists fulfil those criteria and more. Every one has their own style and character and area of practice they are most effective in.

Meet Our Team

Edwin Yeung Psychologist at Kensington Psychology

Edwin Yeung


Edwin is a warm and approachable Australian trained psychologist who follows a client centred and strengths based approach. Edwin empowers his clients by helping them overcome difficulties and building on their strengths. He has a practical, solution focussed therapy style wherein he provides clients with practical tools and strategies to overcome trauma, stress, depression, sleep disorders and insomnia, and low self-esteem. Edwin is trained in the trauma treatment EMDR. Although English is his first language, Edwin is also conversationally fluent in Cantonese. 

Available: Tuesdays and Saturdays

Clients 18 years +

Dr Heather Randall Clinical Psychologist at Kensington Psychology

Dr Heather Randall

Dr Heather Randall is a calm and compassionate Clinical Psychologist. With her warmth and kindness, Heather effortlessly establishes a trusting rapport with her clients, making them feel heard and valued. Heather combines evidence-based techniques with her innate empathy to create personalised treatment plans that empower individuals to overcome their obstacles and lead fulfilling lives

Available: Mondays to Fridays

Clients 18 years +

Dr Remy McCubbin Clinical Psychologist at Kensington Psychology

Dr Remy McCubbin

Dr Remy McCubbin is a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist of 24 years who helps people overcome psychological and life difficulties through a structured, goal driven therapeutic approach. Utilising Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy, Schema Therapy and the like, he enjoys helping adults struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma and personality disorders.

Available: Tuesdays to Fridays

Clients 18 years + 

Jana Mikula Psychologist at Kensington Psychology

Jana Mikula


Jana Mikula is a compassionate Psychologist with 17 years of experience, who has worked with diverse clients across the lifespan. Jana is a warm and empathetic psychologist and a great listener. Jana has extensive experience helping individuals and couples using a variety of therapy modalities such as CBT, and Mindfulness.

Available: Mondays and Thursdays

Clients 18 years + 

Ravi Grundy Psychologist at Kensington Psychology

Ravi Grundy


Ravi Grundy is a warm, compassionate and experienced Australian trained Psychologist who is committed to evidence-based, high quality psychological care. Ravi has a holistic approach to therapy and helps clients with depression, anxiety, trauma and other challenges. She is also experienced in providing EMDR.

Available: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Clients 17 years +

Monica Hill Psychologist Adelaide

Monica Hill


Monica Hill is a friendly and very easy to relate to Psychologist with 30 years experience in helping people heal. She is skilled in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MBCBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Stress Management,  which she uses to good effect helping clients overcome anxiety, depression, workplace stress, difficult life transitions, and loss.

Available: Mondays

Clients 18 years +

Perry Morrison Telehealth Psychologist K

Dr Perry Morrison - Telehealth Appointments Nationwide


Dr Perry Morrison is a highly experienced senior Psychologist whose years in the field of psychology has made him an accomplished and effective therapist.

Perry’s direct, kind and solution-focussed manner compliments his considerable skill and expertise in the fields of anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, life challenges and changes and interpersonal challenges. Perry provides therapy to adults through Telehealth.

Available: Monday to Friday - Telehealth Appointments only

Clients 18 years +

Dr Carol Snellgrove Clinical Psychologist at Kensington Psychology

Dr Carol Snellgrove

Carol is an experienced clinical psychologist of 22 years with extensive experience in treating couples & individuals for trauma/PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief, ageing, etc. She is also highly skilled in helping clients manage chronic pain. Carol is a kind listener who works collaboratively with her clients to find solutions. 

Available: Tuesdays to Fridays & every second Saturday

Clients 18 years + and Couples Therapy

Bozena Chambers Mental Health Clinician at Kensington Psychology

Bozena Chambers

Senior Mental Health Therapist

Bozena Chambers is an Individual,Couples and Family Mental Health therapist with extensive experience in EMDR and mental health therapy with adults, couples, teenagers and groups. Her calm and reassuring manner and compassionate, solution focussed approach, has helped many people resolve their emotional and relational challenges. 

Available: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 

Clients 16 years + and Couples Therapy


Dr Rachael Spooner 


Dr Rachael is a skilled and compassionate psychologist experienced in the fields of trauma, depression, anxiety, perfectionism, sleep difficulties and emotional dysregulation. She works from a strengths-based and holistic approach providing strategies from different therapeutic modalities to provide effective, individualised care.

Available: Tuesdays to Thursdays

Clients 17 years +


Harry de Jong


Harry is an experienced Psychologist in the fields of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, burnout, resilience building, and psychosomatic conditions. He is an accomplished therapist that has provided therapy in a variety of settings, and he is highly skilled in helping clients to overcome difficulties and longstanding challenges.

Available: Monday to Friday

Clients 20 years + 

Andrew Penington Psychologist at Kensington Psychology

Andrew Penington


Andrew Penington is a Psychologist who enjoys working holistically to help clients overcome challenges and grow into the best version of themselves. Andrew is kind, compassionate and insightful and provides a safe space for healing and growth. Andrew supports adults with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, gender challenges and can administer EMDR.

Available: Mondays to Wednesdays

Clients 19 years +

Carlene Amey Clinical Psychologist at Kensington Psychology

Carlene Amey

Carlene Amey is an experienced Clinical Psychologist of fourteen years with a kind, compassionate manner. She helps people overcome trauma, depression, anxiety, life and relationship challenges. Carlene is insightful, empathetic, and very easy to connect with. As a psychologist who has provided therapy in a variety of settings, she is comfortable working with couples, teenagers and adults.

Available: Monday to Friday

Clients 17 years + and Couples Therapy

Dr Marie Bukman Psychologist at Kensington Psychology

Dr Marie Bukman


Dr Marie Bukman has been in private practice for the past 25 years, and has vast experience in helping people overcome inner obstacles to happiness.  She is a compassionate, kind, and empathetic listener with a wealth of life experience. Marie helps people with trauma, relationship and life challenges, low confidence, grief, depression, and anxiety.

Available: Marie is currently unavailable for consultations

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