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Harry de Jong Psychologist at Kensington Psychology

Harry de Jong, Psychologist

Harry is an experienced psychologist in the fields of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, burnout, resilience building, and psychosomatic conditions. He has provided therapy in a variety of settings, and is comfortable working with teenagers and adults.


Besides more than 8000 hours of active counselling, Harry has also mentored students of psychology, acted as external marker for psychology students at university, prepared lecturing material, as well as presented workshops on a variety of topics. He is currently completing a clinical psychology bridging programme.


Besides his many accomplishments, Harry is also a supportive, approachable and warm-hearted therapist who is very easy to talk to. He is passionate about the enhancement of overall well-being, and fostering resilience and happiness for all. Harry prefers a collaborative and holistic approach to body-mind-life wellness.

Healing Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Somatic Disorders

Harry has years of experience in working with PTSD and trauma (including early life and complex trauma), and helping clients overcome the flashbacks, nightmares, stress, anxiety, depression, and interpersonal challenges that result from it. Harry is highly skilled in not only helping clients overcome acute or longstanding complex trauma, but also particularly in helping clients integrate experiences, grow from them, gain greater self-insight and ultimately live more authentically and free.

He specialises in the new body-based trauma focussed treatment models which have shown exceptional promise in studies for it's efficacy in overcoming long-standing, tenacious traumas and their impact on the whole person. Consequently, therapy also often leads to spontaneous improvement in somatic disorders such as IBS, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, and chronic fatigue disorder.


Harry believes that an individual is a holistic being and well-being or the lack of it happens in a social-body-mind-emotional milieu. In this context, Harry aims to foster resilience, insight and inner strength to better cope with current and also future challenges. Bear in mind that therapy is unique to each person and recovery depends on a variety of factors, some of them medical.


Harry works holistically with his clients and often incorporate Mindfulness strategies and Meditation to enhance the gains made with other modalities.

Mindfulness-based strategies may be used to effectively enhance relaxation, reduce stress, and help manage chronic physical or emotional pain.

To read more about Mindfulness please click here.

Areas of Practice

  • Life challenges and changes

  • Burnout

  • Perfectionism

  • Performance and Sport Anxiety

  • Struggles with confidence

Qualifications & Professional Associations

  • M.Ed: Educational Psychology (2013) University of Pretoria

  • B.Ed (Hons): Educational Psychology (2008) University of Pretoria

  • Master of Clinical psychology (post-registration) in progress/current

  • Registered Practitioner Psychologist, Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)

  • Registered Psychologist, Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

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