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6 Valuable Benefits to Seeking Couples Counselling

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

What is Couples Counselling?

Couples counselling (also known as relationship therapy, couples therapy, or marriage counselling) is the process by which two individuals decide to seek advice and help from a licensed therapist regarding their relationship. A couple can choose to engage in couples counselling for a variety of reasons. From an affair, to frequent conflicts, to a lack of connection.

It is important to note that couples of all colours, creeds, ages, and sizes are accepted in couples counselling. Kensington psychology is no different, welcoming all walks of life with listening ears, objective insights, and years of clinical training.

Benefits of Couples Counselling

benefits of couples counselling with Kensington Psychology

Modern psychology has seen an increase in the efficacy of couples counselling for improving relationships. Since the 1980s, the efficacy of couples therapy was approximately 50%. Today, success rates have shot up to 75% for certain relationship therapy types, like emotionally-focussed therapy (EFT).

This data suggests couples counselling significantly benefits relationships. Some benefits of relationship therapy include, but are not limited to:

  • Objective third party

  • Safe space to air out options

  • Learn communicative strategies

  • Learn problem solving/coping skills

  • Upack past events

  • Personal growth outside the relationship

Objective Third Party

The most valuable part of relationship counselling is the presence of a licensed therapist who acts as an impartial third party. This individual is educated on the ins and outs of psychology, and trained to remain objective, making them an invaluable source of unbiased feedback. A good relationship therapist will be someone both parties trust, guiding the couple to a new outlook on their relationship, their partner and their respective situation.

At Kensington Psychology, couples counselling is carried out by experts with extensive training and experience. Get in touch today to begin the journey towards relationship contentment!

Safe space to air out opinions

What We Might Learn in Couples Therapy: The School of Life

Conversations with psychologists are naturally protected by confidentiality as it relates to the content of the session, as well as the client’s identity itself. As a result, a couple can feel more comfortable to discuss issues that they may not feel open to speak about with friends and family.

Additionally, a quiet and neutral place to discuss one’s problems is helpful in aiding healthy discussion.

Learn Communicative Strategies

Couples counselling is a perfect place to learn and practice skills that promote harmony and understanding within a partnership. A therapist will have an extensive knowledge of good and bad communicative strategies to impart upon their clients.

Learn Problem Solving / Coping Skills

In reality, no relationship is perfect - but it can be very close to perfection when both parties are able to cope with problems efficiently, and then move past them effectively. By employing healthy problem solving skills, in conjunction with good communicative strategies, conversations are less likely to escalate into arguments, and feel more like discussions instead.

Unpack Past Events

Couples counselling can serve as a safe space to discuss anything. What might have been inappropriate, uncomfortable, or untimely to bring up outside of therapy becomes acceptable to rehash and approach again - this time with a neutral third party involved. By revisiting past events that were not effectively resolved, couples can get a whole new perspective on their past, present and future as partners.

Personal Growth Outside the Relationship

Sometimes a turbulent relationship becomes the sole focus of one’s life - and this can be very exhausting. It is important to remember that a couple is made up of two or more individuals, with lives and identities that exist outside of that relationship. Working on oneself both inside and outside the confines of a partnership is sure to benefit all aspects of a couples’ life.

The clinicians at Kensington Psychology are your first port of call when it comes to your relationship troubles. To speak to our trained psychologists and experience all these benefits and more - get in touch with us today.


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