Psychology in Adelaide

What Is Psychology ?

Life as a human is not easy. It is also beautiful and wonderful, but it is certainly challenging and confusing, and often overwhelms even the strongest of us.

Most of us feel stressed, anxious, socially awkward or depressed at times. Sometimes we need a little help to understand the triggers for our mental malaise, and with the help of a professional person, overcome as far as possible the misery that our pasts or our thoughts cause us.


Psychology therefore is more than just the study of the mind, it is the science that endeavours to understand how our minds work, as individuals and interacting with others.  It is aimed at helping, healing, guiding, and teaching to help you become the best person you can be. 


In our practice we believe well-being is a whole person experience.  Your mind is not separate from your body or your world and interactions. These are all part of what makes you feel joyful and content, or anxious, depressed, and stressed.


We use best practice therapeutic models based on evidence-based care. We aim for excellence because that is what you deserve, and what our values are. All of our practitioners are experienced and constantly learning. 



The exciting field of neuroplasticity gives hope that all of us can change for the better.  Based on the latest science in this field, we now know that focussed attention, beneficial thoughts and insights, and new habits can literally change your brain, and so, your life.



Using proven techniques such as relaxation and visualisation, you too can change your brain for the better and potentially live a happier, healthier life.