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Bozena Chambers Mental Health Clinician at Kensington Psychology

Bozena Chambers, Mental Health Clinician

Bozena Chambers has been practicing as a mental health clinician for 25 years. She is an Individual, Couples and Family Mental Health Therapist with extensive experience in mental health therapy with adults, teenagers (16+ years) and groups. Her calm and reassuring manner and compassionate, solution focussed approach, has helped many resolve their emotional and relational challenges.

Bozena is an EDMR specialist and has completed advanced training in EDMR by Dr Jennifer Sweeton. 

Bozena is trained and experienced in the field of relationships, from pre-marital counselling to post-baby disconnect, same-sex couples and blended families.

Guiding Change, Acceptance and Compromise


Bozena's approach to working with trauma is influenced by developments in neuroscience and the methodology of EMDR therapy. She is able to offer compassionate and ethical EMDR therapy addressing a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, stress, phobias, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), including eating disorders, GAD (general anxiety disorder) addictions, bereavement and loss. The ultimate goal with EMDR is to help clients heal from traumatic events, grow and thrive. She uses EMDR therapy alongside other modalities depending on a client’s specific needs.

Couples Counselling / Relationship Therapy

Bozena is trained and experienced in the field of relationships and believes that the approach to couples counselling is unique to every couple. Some of the concerns she can assist with are effective communication, understanding the default dynamic of your relationship, cooperative parenting styles, in-laws, nurturing closeness, connection, and friendship.

She also has special interest and experience in working through couples’ interrelationship problems and challenges, families struggling in day – to day life, unresolved childhood issues and IVF counselling/fertility issues (based on personal experience).


Each session with Bozena is designed on an individual basis around your therapeutic needs to achieve your optimal level of recovery. 

Therapeutic Approaches & Modalities 

Bozena draws from the various therapeutic approaches and works collaboratively and flexibly, mindful of the many stressors in our modern-day lives. She provides individuals, couples, and families counselling in accordance with the needs and goals which have brought them to therapy. 

Bozena utilises the following Therapeutic Modalities:

Areas of Practice

Qualifications & Professional Associations

  • Bachelor of Social Work 

  • Diploma in Psychology

  • Certificate in Mediation

  • PGAP Provider

  • NDIS provider

  • Medicare accredited to provide Focussed Psychological Strategies

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