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Male Psychology

At Kensington Psychology we strive to support and encourage men in their mental health journey. Our team of warm and experienced psychologists will endeavour to create a safe environment where men can openly discuss their emotions, feelings and challenges without fear of judgement. 

What We Offer

Our goal at Kensington Psychology is to reduce the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and to provide accessible resources in the hope of improving the well-being and health of men and boys who all too often simply suffer in silence.

More alarming are some of the statistics surrounding men seeking psychological help; one in eight males will have depression at some point in their life; and one in five males will have anxiety at some point in their life as well.

Our psychologists will provide evidence-based practices, a holistic approach and have extensive experience in depression counselling, anxiety counselling, stress management, trauma counselling and general counselling for men.

Male Mental Health Support

Our psychologists at Kensington Psychology are dedicated in providing men and teenagers with specialised male therapy, counselling and support that is tailored to them. We understand that males, females and other genders need support in different ways. We strongly believe that by effectively managing what you're struggling with, you will be able to perform at your best and enjoy your time with friends and family more.


We offer in-person appointments and Telehealth appointments (phone and video sessions) in Adelaide and surrounds to reflect your preferences.


If you are currently struggling or someone you know is struggling, you can find information about Harry, Remy, Edwin, Perry and Andrew here.

For 24/7 emergency support contact Mens Line Australia on 1300 789 978.

Kensington Psychology & Well-Being Adelaide is located at:

82 Shipsters Road

Kensington Park


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Getting in touch with us ...

We offer a comprehensive range of services to treat and nurture the body and mind and get you back on the path to health and well-being.

If you’re ready to reach out to the Kensington Psychology & Well-Being team regarding our services, please get in touch by calling us on 08 7006 5225 or via our Online Contact Form.

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