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Self-Esteem Counselling & Therapy

Self-esteem is quite simply what we think of ourselves - whether we see ourselves as acceptable, lovable, or "good enough" compared to others in our world, in the media, or based on some ideal we have of what and how we should be.

Self-esteem can inform how happy we are and how satisfied we feel in our lives. It is a fundamental building block of good mental health, and underpins many aspects of our lives, from our relationships to educational and professional success.


While each individual’s experience is different, we often underestimate its importance and the impact it can have on our mental health and well-being.

Happy teenager after seeing a low self-esteem psychologist / therapist in Kensington, near Norwood, Adelaide
What is Self-Esteem?

The term ‘self-esteem’ may be used to describe the overall sense of self-worth and personal value you hold of yourself.

It may be considered as an internal state of mind that describes your attitudes and beliefs about your abilities, appearance, strengths, emotions, and behaviours. Simply put, your self-esteem is how much you like and appreciate yourself.

There are different levels of self-esteem people may have, both the extreme high and low ends of the spectrum can be unhealthy. While having too little self-esteem can leave you feeling like a failure and depressed, too much of it can lead to arrogance and put others off or even destroy personal relationships.

Balance is Key!

People with low self-esteem tend to fall short of their potential, feel unaccomplished, and even tolerate abuse. On the other hand, excessively high self-esteem may mean too much self-love and can be a sign of clinical narcissism.

While your level of self-esteem may fluctuate at times due to successes or setbacks in personal and professional life, you should seek to strike a balance somewhere in the middle. The ideal way to go is to have a positive, yet realistic, view of yourself.

A healthy self-esteem means you will feel a sense of confidence in your abilities, kind acceptance of your shortcomings, an openness to improve, and appreciation of others. A healthy, balanced sense of self means you can generally handle life situations with a positive attitude, achieve your goals and get along well with most people.  

Happy girl after seeing low self-esteem therapists / psychologists in Kensington, near Norwood, Adelaide

Identifying the Signs of Low Self-Esteem

The following signs indicate you may have poor self-esteem and may need to consider seeking professional help to overcome the difficulties it causes you:

  • A belief that others are better than you in most things

  • Feelings of shame, worthlessness and feeling small in company

  • Avoiding challenges for fear of failing

  • Lack of confidence and feeling insecure in a job or relationship

  • Constant fear of failure

  • Mental health issues like depression or anxiety

  • Inability to express your needs

  • Solely focussing on your weaknesses

  • Ascribing your successes to chance or others

  • Difficulty accepting compliments or positive feedback

  • Self-blaming for things that are not your fault

  • Feeling undeserving of happiness

  • Being more prone to find yourself in unbalanced relationships where you might feel taken advantage of.

Is Low Self-Esteem a Mental Health Issue?

As you can see from the signs of low self-esteem, it's impact can be devastating on a person's mental health. Sometimes these thoughts can make one only a bit miserable and unable to enjoy life fully. Sadly, however, low self-esteem is also linked to a number of mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, social withdrawal, body-image issues, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts. 

Low self-esteem can also be highly impactful in relationships, actualising one's potential, and having a general sense of living a happy, well-balanced life.

There is help! Whilst one can not undo factors that may have cause negative thoughts of yourself to dominate, such as past bullying or parental neglect, one can change one's thoughts and emotions in the present. This can be difficult to do without professional help. Seeking therapy for help with low self-esteem is so worthwhile, and often leads to remarkable changes in happiness, success and general life contentment.

Self-Esteem Therapy & Counselling | Adelaide Psychology Clinic

At Kensington Psychology & Well-Being, our compassionate and experienced therapists are trained to help you overcome the challenges of low self-esteem. They can give you the tools to manage unhelpful thought patterns and build confidence, good connections with others, and joy.

Adelaide Psychologist & Therapist | Self-esteem therapy & counselling

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