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Panic Disorder Counselling & Therapy



A panic attack feels extremely scary.

It's amazing to think that something that can make you feel so awful – causing your heart to pound, your head to become dizzy and lightheaded and your palms to become sweaty – can be caused by anxiety. It is horrible to fear that you might lose control, or worse, die.

Happy teenager after seeing a panic disorder psychologist / therapist in Kensington, near Norwood, Adelaide

You are not alone!

It is comforting to know that panic attacks are rarely dangerous and mostly pass after a while.

It is also nice to know that you are not alone and that just in Australia, 2 million people live with Anxiety and 5% of the population will experience a panic attack in their life time. Having said that you don't need to live this way. 

The thing that is so debilitating about panic attacks is that one starts living in fear of another one, and may start avoiding places one used to enjoy going to, or would, if the anxiety wasn't there to make one feel unable to cope. 

Anxiety and panic disorder shrink one's life and steals your joy and peace. It is wonderful to know that there are effective treatments for panic attacks and that therapy can help.

Happy woman after seeing panic disorder therapists / psychologists in Kensington, near Norwood, Adelaide

Identifying the signs and symptoms of panic attacks

  • A sudden feeling of fear and doom that comes on suddenly, often without warning

  • Rapid, pounding heart rate

  • Shortness of breath and rapid, shallow breathing

  • Chills or hot flashes, sweating

  • Trembling or shaking

  • Feeling lightheaded or fainting

  • Numbness or tingling

  • Feeling detached from reality

  • Headaches, tummy cramps, or chest pain

You do not need to struggle alone

It is important to consult with your GP to ensure any other illnesses are ruled out. Your GP will then be able to provide you with a referral to a Psychologist who may help you overcome and manage your anxiety, panic and any other symptoms that may be a factor, such as general life stress or previous trauma.

Studies on panic attacks have led to the development of techniques and medications which have been proven to be effective in treating panic disorder.  Your Psychologist will work out a treatment plan that is tailor-made for you.

Some of these therapies yield a quick resolution of panic attacks, although often, it is wise to also develop general stress and anxiety management techniques and deal with other issues that may play a role in how your panic attacks developed.  The important thing to remember is that there is help, and you do not need to struggle alone.

Panic Disorder counselling & therapy | Adelaide Psychology Clinic

At Kensington Psychology & Well-Being, we provide counselling services to empower you on the road to success. 

Our friendly support team will be able to explain the different options available to you and how to go about obtaining a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, should you wish to access a Medicare rebate for your sessions. 

We focus on you and your well-being, and we are committed to finding you the best Psychologist for your individual needs.

Adelaide Psychologist & Therapist | Panic Attack therapy & counselling

Getting in touch with us ...

We offer a comprehensive range of services to treat and nurture the body and mind and get you back on the path to health and well-being.

If you’re ready to reach out to the Kensington Psychology & Well-Being team regarding our services, please get in touch by calling us on 08 7006 5225 or via our Online Contact Form.

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