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Kensington Psychology and Well-Being

Restoring Mental and Physical Health

Kensington Psychology and Well-Being is a practice with a focus on you as a whole person - your background, current challenges, and what brings you to wellness.  We are a warm, professional private practice dedicated to offering you the best possible psychologist for your unique needs, delivered via evidence based treatment.


You can find a professional and understanding clinical psychologist at our Kensington Park practice, nestled just a short drive from Norwood in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs.

​Psychological Therapy is provided for individuals as well as for couples. Based on over twenty years of successful private practice experience, treatment is always compassionate, client-focused, high quality, and tailored to the needs of the client.  Whether you need help with anxiety, depression, panic, a difficult life event, a workplace or interpersonal issue, or to cope with a traumatic experience, our psychologists can offer expert and effective help. We ensure that we can offer you the best psychologist, matched to your specific needs.

In accordance with government guidelines, our practice is operating as normal with the necessary safety precautions. We also provide Telehealth video and phone consultations to access in the comfort of your own home or office for those who find themselves in a vulnerable group or would prefer to not leave home in this time. A Medicare rebate has now kindly been made available to all Australians until 30 September. Please contact us to discuss any questions you might have about Telehealth.

Anxiety has many faces: from incessant worry to over-busy minds, panic, stress, catastrophising and physical symptoms like insomnia, IBS, migraines and headaches. 

The good news is that effective techniques can be taught to bring rest to the weary, anxious mind. Our psychologists are highly skilled  and can help you gain control of your life again.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a too long to do list? Are you finding it hard to relax and you've become more irritable and serious lately? Is insomnia and an inability to switch off your mind becoming routine? Stress can wreak havoc on health and relationships. Our psychologists can help by teaching relaxation techniques and resilience.

Depression can affect people of all ages, from all walks of life and backgrounds. It can be debilitating, and yet so many put on a brave face as they struggle on. One in five Australians are affected at some stage of our lives.

Effective therapy is available to overcome your sadness, low energy, and loss of joy.

Life-threatening and upsetting events such as serious illness, divorce, or an accident can sometimes lead to ongoing emotional issues such as insomnia, flashbacks, chronic anxiety, low confidence, and PTSD.

When your symptoms don't fade naturally, it is important to seek help.

All Australians can now access Medicare rebates for phone or video psychological services in this time of COVID-19. This means you can have therapy in the safety and comfort of your own home or office. Skilled, experienced, and compassionate psychologists are available to provide support and therapy when and where you need it. 

Health Psychologists can help with stress management and chronic health concerns such as chronic fatigue, weight loss, IBS, gut issues, and eating disorders, including any concern where emotions and body influence each other. Effective therapy techniques are used to promote better mental and physical health.

Chronic pain - whether from injury, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or a chronic condition can impact significantly on quality of life. Our psychologists can teach techniques to manage pain better, provide support, and utilise techniques such as mindfulness and meditation to help.

Have you lost the connection you used to feel with each other? Are you fighting far too often, or not really talking anymore? It's sad and lonely and no one likes to live this way. Couple's counselling teaches effective communication and how to rekindle your love and friendship.

Meet Our Psychologists

Monica is a highly experienced Counselling Psychologist who enjoys helping clients of all ages with life challenges, anxiety and depression.

Lee is an empathetic and experienced Psychologist who is easy to relate to. He is solution focussed with a passion for fostering resilience.

Chloë is a compassionate Clinical Psychologist with a thoughtful, genuine approach. She treats all mild to severe mental health difficulties. 

Dr Marie has been in private practice for the past 23 years. She is a Psychologist and certified neuro-psychotherapist and she teaches meditation and mindfulness.

Yeeling is a Health Psychologist with an interest in the body-mind connection. She is also proficient in Chinese and enjoys working with international students.

Prof Russell is a highly regarded Clinical Psychologist and academic with a wealth of experience in the field of human psychology. Russell works with adults and couples.

Our Address

Kensington Psychology & Well-Being is located at 82 Shipsters Road, Kensington Park - Adelaide. The building is situated just off Kensington Road near the Marryatville Hotel and The Regal Theater.

Non-metered parking is available on Shipsters Road or in the free public parking area on Uxbridge Street, located just behind our practice.

 Kensington Psychology & Well-Being.   
82 Shipsters Road, Kensington Park, Adelaide. 
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