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Dr Perry Morrison Telehealth Psychologist Kensington Psychology

Dr Perry Morrison - Telehealth Psychologist 

Dr Perry is a highly experienced psychologist who has not only gained experience in the field at various academic institutions both in Australia and abroad, but also as a therapeutic clinician for more than 27 years helping to alleviate the burdens of anxiety, depression, insomnia, interpersonal struggles, grief and loss, trauma, and life challenges.


Perry brings his considerable skill and expertise to bear to assist clients today exclusively through the wonderful medium of Telehealth for those seeking the convenience and flexibility of therapy from the comfort of your own environment. 

Therapy with Dr Perry

Perry is warm, commonsensical, and person - not problem-centred. He is direct and honest and describes himself as a solution driven therapist. His compassionate, wise and non-judgemental approach, combined with a very good sense of humour, makes Perry not only an effective psychologist, but a very easy to relate to person on your therapeutic journey.


The aim of therapy is to reinterpret and reframe, to identify your strengths and potential (even dormant ones!), develop effective coping skills and become more empowered to better manage and enjoy your life now and in the future.


Eventually the influence of past experience, upbringing and trauma is made sense of, re-interpreted, and if need be, transcended. When you feel accepted and supported, therapy can help you not just to heal, but to grow, and perhaps make so much meaning from your struggles that it launches you into a better, wiser version of yourself. Ultimately, therapy is an opportunity for healing as well as self-directed growth and actualising of your most authentic self.

On a personal note…

Perry likes to laugh (mostly at himself) and enjoys the uniqueness of people simply for themselves. He has raised teenagers that has taught him further lessons in humour and appreciating life’s gifts. Perry enjoys diversity and enjoyed living in different communities in Australia and overseas.

Having survived 2.85 aircraft crashes (difficult to explain) and several near drownings in surfing and diving (much easier to explain), Perry has learnt a thing or two about making lemonade from lemons. Traumas, setbacks, and big life changes can be hugely overwhelming and sometimes very difficult to make sense of. Perry firmly believes these can also be a vehicle for personal exploration and growth, optimism, and hope that results in real change, acceptance and transcendence. Perry’s aim is to be a thoughtful and collaborative partner in this process of change.

Therapeutic Approaches & Modalities 

Dr Perry utilises the following Therapeutic Modalities:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Mindfulness

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  • Anxiety reduction techniques

Areas of Practice

Qualifications & Professional Associations

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Honours)

  • PhD in Psychology

  • Registered with AHPRA

  • Registered as a Medicare Provider

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