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What is Bereavement Therapy?

Bereavement therapy is a form of psychotherapy that is specifically designed to help individuals cope with the loss of a loved one.


Losing someone close to us can be a deeply traumatic and emotional experience that can take a toll on our mental health. Bereavement therapy can help individuals navigate the complex emotions that come with the grieving process and find a way to move forward.

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 The Goal of Bereavement therapy

The grieving process can be very different for each individual. There is no "right" way to grieve, and everyone experiences loss in their own way. Some people may experience intense sadness and depression, while others may feel anger, guilt, or numbness. Some may even feel relief, particularly if the person who passed away was suffering from a long illness. Bereavement therapy recognizes the unique nature of grief and helps individuals work through their emotions in a way that is best suited to their needs.

One of the goals of bereavement therapy is to help individuals find a way to integrate the loss of their loved one into their lives. While the pain of loss may never completely go away, bereavement therapy can help individuals find a way to move forward and find meaning in their lives again.


This may involve finding new ways to connect with others, pursuing new interests or hobbies, or even finding ways to honor the memory of the person who has passed away.

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Types of Bereavement therapy

There are a number of different types of bereavement therapy that may be used to help individuals cope with their grief. Some common types of therapy include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): This type of therapy is focused on identifying and changing negative thought patterns that may be contributing to feelings of grief or depression.

  • Psychodynamic therapy: This approach is focused on exploring unconscious thoughts and emotions related to the loss, and how these may be impacting the individual's behavior and emotions.

  • Group therapy: This can be a powerful tool for individuals who are struggling with grief, as it provides a sense of community and support.

  • Mindfulness-based therapy: This approach involves teaching individuals to focus on the present moment and develop an awareness of their thoughts and emotions.

Each of these approaches can be effective in helping individuals cope with their grief and work through the healing process. The type of therapy that is best for a particular individual will depend on their specific needs and preferences.

Finding a Bereavement Therapist

If you are struggling with the loss of a loved one, bereavement therapy may be able to help. It is important to find a therapist who has experience working with grief and loss, and who can create a safe and supportive environment for you to share your feelings and emotions. With the help of bereavement therapy, you can find a way to navigate the difficult emotions that come with loss and move forward in a healthy and meaningful way.

Bereavement therapy can be a powerful tool for individuals who are struggling with the death of a loved one. By providing a safe and supportive environment for individuals to work through their grief, therapy can help individuals develop coping skills, find meaning and purpose in their lives, and ultimately move forward in a healthy way. Whether you are struggling with recent loss or are still struggling with unresolved grief from years ago, bereavement therapy can be an important step in the healing process.

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All our Psychologists are trained in Bereavement Therapy and continue to grow their skills in this therapeutic model through ongoing professional development courses and peer supervision.


To discuss the benefits that ACT might have on your overall well-being, please reach out to our Kensington clinic, just a short drive away from Norwood and nestled in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs.

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