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Couples Counselling

It can be lonely being in a disconnected relationship. All of us yearn to be loved and feel truly accepted, but sometimes despite our best efforts, that connection evades us.

Maybe there is a communication gap and the spark is gone, or perhaps arguing about petty things has become a normal routine in your relationship. Somehow being together is no longer a happy space and you miss the times when things seemed easy and lovely.

Admitting that things are not perfect in your relationship is a tough thing to do – it takes courage to ask for help, but could be exactly the best thing to do when you’re stuck and nothing you do seems to work.

Signs you should seek relationship counselling

Here are some common relationship issues that indicate you and your partner can benefit from seeing a couples-counselling psychologist.

  • Frequent fights and conflicts over petty issues

  • Lack of physical and emotional intimacy

  • Lack of meaningful communication and drifting apart

  • Contrasting opinions on parenting

  • External influences, such as career or in-laws interfering in your relationship

  • Infidelity, lies or deception, and broken or lack of trust

  • Needing help with adjusting as a unit in blended families.

  • If you can relate to any of these relationship problems, it is time to get counselling services offered by an experienced relationship psychologist

What should you expect from relationship counselling?

An unhappy relationship affects a person’s whole well-being.  Moreover, children and extended family, and even friends, may find themselves being hurt by the disconnectedness and conflict.  If this is your life, it’s crucial to find help from an experienced and effective psychologist as this can literally change the course of your lives.


  • Learn clearer, effective communication

  • Develop effective problem-solving techniques

  • Help explore and encourage ways to improve the connection

  • Promote unity and commitment

  • Help you get along better with your partner

  • Envisioning a mutually agreed upon, happier future with your partner

  • Learn ways to fulfil each other’s needs more effectively​

Couples counselling may help yield the following benefits:

Couples counselling at Kensington Psychology and Well-Being

  • At Kensington Psychology and Well-being, you can get in touch with an expert Adelaide psychologist to benefit from professional relationship therapy.

  • With extensive training and years of experience under their belt, our relationship psychologists truly understand the importance of love and a happy relationship for your well-being. We aim to provide expert advice and effective techniques and strategies for both unmarried and married couples. If you think there is no hope left in your marriage, but you’re not quite sure you’re ready to let go, consult a professional marriage-counselling psychologist . Not only will we endeavour to help you resolve the problems in your relationship, but we are also here to help you learn ways to control your anger, communicate effectively, solve disputes, be honest, improve your sex life, and build trust and fidelity.

  • The Adelaide psychologists at Kensington Psychology and Well-being are also skilled and experienced in providing same sex couple counselling services.

  • So, regardless of the nature or status of your relationship, there is now hope to have the love you would love!